Nerd Alert

The party game for your inner geek

Game Description

In the past people made fun of nerds, they were ridiculed. But now nerds are the new heroes. So let’s celebrate the era of geeks!
Nerd Alert is a geeky party trivia game. The game contains lots of trivia questions, answers and fun facts on clip boards and 4 pairs of glasses to look like a real nerd. When it’s your turn you read the question out loud and all other players start looking for the correct answer on their clipboard. Only one player has the correct answer. So if you don’t have the answer on your clipboard, you need to pick another random answer that could also be correct and fool the other player. Pick the right answer during your turn, call this player out as a nerd and score points! If you pick the wrong answer, the points go the player which answer you have chosen. The ultimate party game for your inner geek!

Examples of questions

What happens to an ant when you get him drunk?

The blob of toothpaste that sits on your toothbrush has a name. What is it?

Examples of answers

Vaginas. Nerd fact, kangaroos can’t move their legs independently from each other unless they’re in water.

A unibrow. I think it’s common knowledge that Greek sculptures were painted in a lot of colors but over time they have faded, that’s why they’re white.

Why Nerd Alert?

  • It’s cool to be a nerd. Think about Steve Jobs, Marc Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Big Bang Theory, etc.
  • Nerd as a stereotype is known worldwide; nerds have been seen in all ages, different types and variaties.
  • It’s a game with funny questions and answers with clever bluff.


  • Game box
  • 100 cards with 400 trivia questions
  • 4 clipboards including sheets with answers and fun facts
  • 4 glasses and clips or stickers to keep score
  • Game rules


€ 19.99